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Robo Recall

Save the planet from robots gone bad

An action packed first person shooter made by one of the leaders in gaming, Epic Games.  Epic developed this game explicitly for Virtual Reality using the software they created, Unity engine, which again, is one of the leaders in the Virtual Reality world.  This game challenges you to destroy rogue robots that have gone amok.  Completing in-game challenges earns stars that are used to upgrade weapons.   Battle these robots through 9 levels to finally meet the boss, Odin. 

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Make your own room-scale 3-d painting with this creative art program

Explore art from a new perspective and unleash your creativity with three-dimensional brush strokes, stars, light, and even fire.  Tiltbrush by Google  allows you to paint the space around you.  Use your imagination to create anything.  Let the room you are in be your canvas. 


The Climb brings you the excitement of rock climbing without leaving the ground.

There is no need to risk your neck to scale enormous cliffs with this rock climbing simulation.  German developers Crytek, partnered with Oculus to create this stunningly visual masterpiece that allows you to climb rocks and mountains with charming realistic scenery.  Earn upgrades by completing challenges in each area of this amazing simulation. 

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